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December 2, 2006

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Create the Perfect Lawn

October 25, 2006

Create the Perfect Lawn eBookYou Deserve The Lawn Of Your Dreams

Be The Envy Of Your Friends And Neighbours, Save Time, Effort & Money When You Discover How To Create The Perfect Lawn.

Dear Garden Owner.

In the next five minutes you will be reading acres of great gardener’s secret tips, that have been put together to give you the ultimate guide book to creating a beautiful, problem free lawn. You’ll discover amazing time savers that mean you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining in your garden rather than working in it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete amateur, a budding enthusiast or a gardening professional I know you’ll find lots of new ideas to create the perfect lawn.

“. .This New book contains all the information you need to create a perfectly manicured lawn Just like the Pro’s”

For the first time we are offering Pauline Hodgkinson’s latest book ‘Your Perfect Lawn’ in digital format – this means you will be able to order it securely online and start reading in just minutes.

‘Your Perfect Lawn’ is an amazing book, many of those must do jobs you’ve been putting off will seem much less daunting and will take far less time. You’ll refer back to it again and again as you build towards ‘the green of your dreams’. It’s like having a professional gardener to help every time you venture outside.

It’s Brand New!
Hundreds Of Easy To Follow Ideas, Tips and Shortcuts To Create The Perfect Lawn.

Just Some Of The Topics Included:

Sowing a New Lawn – Discover when and more importantly when not to sow seed and discover the professional gardener’s biggest secret to establishing a healthy lawn the success of your lawn may even depend on the day you sow it..
Advice on how to instantly mask areas that have become bare, weedy, or damaged..
What month of the year you should commence feeding and weeding, which month is usually the best time for killing lawn weeds .
Mowing – tips on how to achieve a ‘bowling-green’ finish and discover why It is perfectly acceptable to leave the clippings on the lawn..
How to prevent ‘thatching’ on your lawn with one quick and easy tip..
How to install a modest-sized sod lawn in one day.
One very simple way to aerate your lawn effortlessly..
Weeds – The most common kinds and how to get rid of them fast..
Before you read the rest of this letter there’s some really good news!

Because ‘Your Perfect Lawn’ is now available electronically there’s no waiting for delivery, no postage costs to pay. You’ll get book instantly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2pm or 2am you’ll be reading ‘Your Perfect Lawm’ in less than five minutes from now. You can read it on your PC or print out handy sections to take into the garden with you. But because digital delivery has much lower distribution costs we can pass on the savings direct to you!

Here’s a just a few more great ideas you’ll find covered in ‘Your Perfect Lawn’

How to choose the right grass seed
The easy way to lay turf
How to prepare the soil like the Pro’s
How To properly level a site
How To rest the land
Fertilizing – How to make your own Autumn & Spring fertilizer
Get your lawn in shape for summer
Watering advice
Lawn feeding tips
Sowing Information
Work schedule for the Year (Tips for each month)

And amazingly you can identify problems with your lawn and soil based on the type of weeds you find. Weeds can be helpful indicators that will show you how to manage your soil in a more productive and less haphazard manner.

Information on all the following types of weed are listed:

Horse Nettle
Lamb’s Quarters
Water Hemlock
Wild Carrot
Wild Strawberry

As you can see there’s so much useful knowledge in here — you’ll be referring back to this work over and over again every year.

Just calculate the value of this great book: If you were going to try to find the same information elsewhere it would probably take several books and you’d still not have all the information that’s included in ‘Your Perfect Lawn’

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The Complete Blog and Ping Tutorial

October 25, 2006

Blog and Ping Tutorial eBookPreviously Undisclosed Method for “Blogging and Pinging” Will Work For Anyone Wanting an Internet Presence–Quickly and Easily

Let’s face it, putting together a website is tough–but getting that website into the major search engines like Google and Yahoo is even tougher!

There’s no doubt, the most difficult marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get your sites indexed. And until you master it, the web site that you are counting on to generate sales, build your reputation, or generate AdSense revenue is just floating in cyberspace–worthless. No wonder it seems to take forever and ever. And it sometimes it really IS Forever and Ever!!

That is why there are countless sites with advice, tons of expensive software, and plenty of costly seminars on how to get a search engine’s “web crawler” to “spider” (that is “geek” for find and enter into the search engine) your site.

And yet, you and others just keep getting frustrated until you spend more hours in research, pour more effort into “tweaking” your site, or waste even more money on someone’s outdated ideas–all while time and opportunity are still slipping through your fingers.

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Growing Bonsai

October 25, 2006

bonsai.jpg Bonsai are miniature trees grown in pots. The aim of bonsai culture is to develop a tiny tree that has all the elements of a large tree growing in a natural setting. This look is achieved,principally, by branch and root pruning and shaping, but other factors are also important. The texture of the trunk, its look of age, the moss and the under plantings in the container — all contribute to the illusion of a miniature tree as it is seen in nature.

A presentable bonsai can be created in a few seasons. Cultivating these miniature potted trees is both an intriguing hobby, and a means of adapting a wide range of plants to specialized and decorative uses. Bonsai require daily watering during their growing season, and, because the plants are rooted in shallow pots, careful pruning.

Contents Include:

Principles of Bonsai
Choosing a Style
Basic Styles
Formal Upright
Informal Upright
Plant Selection Guide
Trees and Shrubs
House Plants
Obtaining Plants
Collecting Plants from the Wild
Importing Mature Plants
Nursery Plants
Shaping Bonsai
Overall Design
Containers for Bonsai
Training Pots
Choosing Pots
Growth Media
Seasonal Care
Spring Care
Summer Care
Fall Care
Winter Care
Propagating Bonsai
Displaying Bonsai
Indoor Display
Bonsai in the Garden

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Skin Care – Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation

October 25, 2006

Skin Care - Wrinkle Reduction and Skin RejuvenationHave you ever wondered what it might be like to find the long lost Fountain of Youth? We can’t promise you that, but we can give you a close second.

Your skin is the first telltale sign of getting old. Starting today, get the facts about “anti-aging” and what you can do to forestall it.

Hey, there’s no way you can stop the aging process but there’s no reason why you can’t fight it kicking and screaming all the way!

Do you know the two types of aging that make your skin vulnerable? We address this in the first chapter. Know your enemy! Learn how and why skin ages. Good grief, how can you fight an enemy unless you have a full understanding of how and why it operates?

Once you understand how and why your skin ages it makes the next step of identifying your skin type almost child’s play in the next few chapters.

The Skinny on Skin Creams

Try counting the number of commercials you see every day touting some new “miracle cream” that is guaranteed to make you look the model. Yeah right!

Anti-aging goods and services account for billions of dollars spent in the hopes of delaying the onset of skin aging. This topic is covered in our chapter on skin cream and wrinkles.

Finally, get the “skinny on skin creams” and find out which ones work and which ones don’t. Remember, those television AND print ads are designed to separate you from your money.

Truth be told most of their claims are slanted and unrealistic. Often you will find that there are low cost solutions to the problems that these expensive creams are supposed to cure!

Sandpaper Skin Care

Well, it’s pretty close. Depending on who you are and what skin type you have this can be a brutal process! They use different names and supposedly produce miraculous results, but take a closer look.
We’re talking about chemical skin peels. . .wow, that sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie)! Then there’s dermabrasion. . . yikes, did they dig that one up along with a mummy?

They are tortuous, expensive procedures that are supposed to leave you with a new, younger looking top layer of skin and a refreshing experience.

Hmmm, I think people with first degree burns experience that as well and they certainly didn’t ask for it!

Now, if you are really into personal torture you can graduate to the head of the class with Botox, Collagen injections, laser procedures, facelifts and other invasive methods.

Be True to your Mother!

Mother Nature, that is. Some people have liposuction. Others have fat moved from one body part to another. Others are pushed, pulled and stretched into unnatural blobs of flesh. All this is done in the name of youth.

It’s a fact that Mother Nature does have tools in place that can give you optimal results helping you to look and feel younger despite the ravages of time. We do discuss these natural options as well.

What Can You Do?

Your skin is the largest single organ of your body. It’s also the most vulnerable. Start educating yourself immediately! There is no reason not to fight the aging process with every tool at your disposal.

Your best defense is information and not necessarily another $50.00 jar of the latest and greatest so-called cures!

Take a look at the arsenal of information waiting for you:

• How and Why Skin Ages
• Know Your Own Skin Type
• Treating Oily Skin
• Treating Dry Skin
• Double Whammy – Combination Skin
• How to Protect Your Skin
• The Sun and Your Skin
• Skin Creams and Wrinkles
• Good Nutrition and Your Complexion
• How Free Radicals Damage Skin Cells
• Vitamin C and Skin Care
• Is Dermabrasion Right for Your Skin
• Chemical Skin Peels
• Skin Care from the Inside Out
• Facelifts and Other Skin Procedures
• Resources

Grab your copy of Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation today and put yourself on the path to a long and healthy life!

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How to Stop Smoking in a Week

October 25, 2006

How to Stop Smoking in a WeekThe purpose of this eBook is to assist you to become tobacco-free forever, without the urge to start-up again. In just one week after starting to quit smoking, you can be free from smoking forever. Information in this Ebook is based on evidence from research on treatments and counseling that help people quit smoking.

Contents Include:

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Lip Balm Recipes

October 25, 2006

Lip Balm Recipes eBookHere’s How to Make Your Own Lip Balm and Lip Gloss!

The basic formula is:
1/4 cup vegetable or nut oil
1/4 ounce beeswax
1 teaspoon honey or glycerine
1/2 to 1 teaspoon natural flavouring oil aka Essential Oil.

Heat the oil and beeswax in a double boiler (or microwave) until the beeswax has melted.
Remove from heat and whip with an electric beater until creamy.
Add the honey or glycerine and approximately 5 drops of flavouring oil; whip some more.
Add more flavouring if desired.
Store in small glass jars, small tupperware bowls, decorative tins or film containers.
Try different oils on your lips to choose the best one for your skin and taste preference.
If the Balm is too hard (waxy), add more oil to your mixture.
If it is too soft, add more wax.

You can add a few drops of beetroot juice for a beautiful & natural red colour. But instead of going to that trouble, you can just shave off a little of your lip stick for that beautiful (not natural) colour.

Tip: Don’t use food colouring as it may contain alcohol base.

Never use extracts found in cooking sections of the grocery stores as they contain alcohol.Use safe essential oils. The good part about them is they have thousands of great flavours.Comfrey, Rosemary, Tea Tree or Camphor Oils are excellent for healing effects.

How do you know if it’s time to throw away your gloss?

If it changes colour, odour, or texture, throw it away.

Recipes in this ebook include:

Basic Formula
Basic Fun Lip Gloss
Basic Fun Lip Gloss II
Cranberry Lip Gloss
Silky Smooth Lip Balm
Honey Balm
Almond Lip Gloss
Helps Cold Sores Balm
Honey Cocoa Lip Balm
Aloe Vera Lip Gloss
Vaseline Lip Balm
Chocolate Balm
Vanilla Lip Gloss
Vanilla Lip Balm
Candle Wax Lip Balm
Eyeshadow Lip Balm

Cocoa Butter Lip Gloss
Castor Oil Lip Balm
Sweet Balm/Gloss
Heel Sores Balm
Quick & Easy Lip Balm
Hemp Oil Lip Balm
Peppermint Lip Balm
Nude Lip Balm
Fruity Lip Gloss
Cinnamon Lip Gloss
Hard Candy Lip Gloss
Cocoa Butter Minty Lip Gloss
Chocolate Lip Gloss
Beeswax Lip Balm
Lemon Lip Gloss

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